We all are aware of how broken the system of education in India has become. We can’t talk about the modern education system in India. It still teaches us rote learning (it teaches us to) blindly memorize whatever we learn.

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There is no need to raise any questions in exams. We’re photocopying whatever the teacher says or whatever we written in the books. Because these exams are everything. You only have to score marks, irrespective of whether you understand anything or not. It matters not whether our knowledge is augmented or not, we have to score marks by any means. Because these marks, define our lives.

Students slog for as long as 12 hours a day to score these marks. All their free time, their hobbies, and their playtime, all are forgotten. All they do is study all day. Their whole life is spent struggling this way and the pressure created as a result of this pushes kids into depression. Some of them even suicide. But the ones who endure it and come out of it, walk out and realize that the skills needed by them in real life were never really taught.

Reality of Learning

Creativity, Confidence, Critical thinking, all the things that could be useful in real life, weren’t taught by anyone. We were only taught rote learning. And these are the students that later transform into uncles who blindly forward fake messages on WhatsApp. It is not really their fault, because this is what they were taught since childhood that whatever they see or read should not be critically analyzed. Don’t think on your own.

What is the solution to all of this? We need to change this faulty education system that has become a factory of photocopying machines. We need to teach the children the skills and qualities needed to become good human beings. For example, empathy, confidence, creativity, problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, etc. There are hopes of implementing such a solution in Delhi. An Entrepreneurship mindset curriculum has been implemented from this year in public schools of Delhi. Which teaches exactly these skills to the students. We shall examine the reality of this in the ground report of today. How does it work? How effective is it? Can it really transform the system?

Programme Luanched

Come, let us see. The Delhi government has started an EMCEntrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum classes for the students of class 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th. To teach them the Entrepreneurship Mindset. The EMC classes do not have books, that the students can read In fact, there are no books at all for the students in the entire subject. Although, there’s a manual for the teachers to instruct them on how to teach Entrepreneurship Mindset to students. Conducted every day for the students of class 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th as a Zero subject. Now you can see what exactly it teaches.


Modern education system in india

Mindfulness, Creativity, Joyfulness, Curiosity, Self-awareness, empathy, problem-solving, critical thinking, decision making, are Entrepreneurial abilities. Dream Big, Recognize opportunities. The entire curriculum is designed, to keep these qualities and abilities in mind. It will choose Quality every day in class. Then that quality will be taught through real-life applications and examples as a fun activity. The topic of today’s class is creativity The teacher has divided the students into different groups. Each group is assigned the task of creatively selecting their favorite season and compose a song on it. The different groups of students here are composing songs on their favorite seasons.

Teach Entrepreneurship

How do we teach Entrepreneurship to small kids? and what do we teach in that? Do we encourage them to become entrepreneurs today itself? But what happens to their studies then? That’s true. So, We should either focus on the idea that entrepreneurship is about Mindset. Then making a choice at the right stage about whether you want to become an entrepreneur or intrapreneur You could do very well in your job as well if you have the right kind of Mindset. We are focusing on mindsets in the EMC classes. We are not encouraging you to go in a particular field or we are not indulging in career counseling. How are you telling them that carrier wise, they have so many options available? We are telling them.

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Micro Research Project

Because we have designed a few things in it. One of them is the Micro Research Project, which basically involves interviews In it, the students identify 10 people in and around them and interview them to understand their careers. How have they reached where they are? What were they like in school? Actually our purpose behind the Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum is, how to dig out the qualities and abilities hidden within the students. How will they emerge?

Student’s Journey

Everyone student has abilities and qualities within them. But, As a child, to realize that I have this (particular) ability within myself at the right age is difficult, which, I think, might help in my professional journey. There were varied views If there were 40 people sitting here, then there were 40 different views that it could be visualized in this way too. This, too, could be possible That, also, we enjoyed it.

I feel like that could be no better programme than this, because what we are trying to inculcate in our children, through this, is an attitude of Critical thinking and Decision making. And even if we are able to give these two abilities to our students, then I think half our battle is won. I could not have ever imagined this amount of creativity and innovative ideas in the students. Our students are thinking beyond our thoughts.

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So I thought this was brilliant. I mean these things were (inherent) in them, but we have been able to bring out their thought processes through this programme. Their creativity, their innovative thinking, all of those are emerging Now,

What is EMC

The Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum isn’t something that the teacher just has to go and teach. They first have to absorb it. So the absorption should first take place in the teachers and only then they would be able to teach our students Unless we ourselves agree on something, we would not be able to make the children agree on it. The Delhi government has also sent the teachers abroad for training. We went to Singapore where we learned a lot in NIE. We shared those practices here in schools. One of the strategies was the Frayer model, to understand how a child is representing, what is learning visually.

Frayer Model

There is this Frayer Model technique. What is the Frayer model? Frayer model is a visual learning technique in which a child demonstrates how he can graphically represent whatever he learned on a sheet of paper by defining it. So what we have been able to do in Delhi with EMC that is, the first period every day for 4 years. An intervention of this scale, as far as I know, does not exist in this world both in terms of the number of students(there are 7.5 lakh students in India) as well as the amount of time that they are spending on this topic Self-development and Entrepreneurship…

Going by this rate, in the coming 5 to 6 years, the students that graduate would ensure that India would have the most number of entrepreneurs. I think the Entrepreneur Mindset is all about doing everything entrepreneurially, no matter what you do.


Today, there is a happiness curriculum classes 1-8 in all of Delhi’s public school’s classes 9-12 have entrepreneurship mindset curriculum. Think about it how much would it affect the country when these students graduate. So many more entrepreneurs will come up. So many more jobs will create if this thing works successfully. I hope that the different states all across the country implement this In fact, it should be implemented on the national level. So that we can proudly discuss “Education system in modern India”

So, this was all about the Education system in Modern India. if you like, then comment and feel free to share