Essay on Indian Education system vs Foriegn education system

Welcome! Lots of question arise about the indian Education system like why Indian education is static downwards than the foriegn countries? What is the reason behind all? How to resolve up? Therefore, these queries compelling us to have an article about it. So, to find out this, It is your first right step I,e going to read this. Indian education system vs foriegn education system is ing to be discussing over here. So, let’s get start!


Education is the most critical aspect on which Development of a nation depends. is the Builder of a good life which leads to a path of success and enhances moral and ethical values also makes people aware of their duties towards the nation. Their perspective of Seeing the World is different; that is why all the governments need to provide Good Education to Their citizens. Each country has Its Education system, which marks excellent impacts on the population living in it.

The education system in India and the foreign World.

Like every other nation, India also has its Education system. We got independence in 1947, and still, we are developing then there must be some points we are lacking on which is stopping us from being a developed nation. Which is The Education system and the awareness of Education within our society? Education system has a lot of differences if we compare it to the other developed countries of the World. Every Education system has its pros and cons.
In India, we are. Still, we are following the British Education system, which is a way too old now. At the same time, other Developed nations keep improving themselves and have a lot better Education system that us. There are a lot of factors and points on which we can distinguish between the Indian Education system and foreign Education system. Some of them are mentioned below.

Points of Differences

1- The First Point on which we can identify is Educational Infrastructure, India Education system lacks in the number of educational institutes. Also, the facilities and faculties are less while in other country Education is prioritised a lot more in which a considerable fund is just for the Development and Improvement of Educational Infrastructure.

Indian education system vs foriegn education
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2- Indian Education system is Grade based, in which the marks and Grades are more valued. It lacks creativity and focuses on theoretical knowledge rather than practical knowledge. While In other Developed countries the more creative student is treated as a genius one not who mug up all the syllabus.

3- Indian Education system also lacks in Providing choices to students. There are only limited courses, and few of them are leading the market and valued while others are treated as low level or for mediocre. For example either you have to become a doctor or engineer and have to study for it. While in developed nations, students can choose Their interest field and select the course accordingly. A musician is treated with the same respect any Doctor does.

4- In a lot of other countries the Education is free and Compulsory like in Dubai. While in India, people are not that much aware of the Importance of Education. Providing Education is became a part of the business for many, private schools which Provides excellent facilities charge a colossal amount paying, which is not possible for poor and middle class.

5- Following the same old way of teaching and Providing ancient knowledge is also one of the worst parts of the Indian Education system. While other countries keep updating Their books and syllabus, they teach the latest technologies and updated publications.


Education means providing knowledge, and Latest knowledge is much better than the old experience. There are a lot more reasons which show that foreign Education system is far better than Indian. India is in need to update the Education system, and also it must be Compulsory to all. To be a Developed nation, we must spread awareness about it.

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