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How to Study Fast and Remember Well for Exam

Why we are still worried about how to study fast and remember well for exam? This all is due to our Huge syllabus. Are there really ways about how to study fast and remember well for exam. Yes, and if… Continue Reading →

Education system in Modern India Lesson

We all are aware of how broken the system of education in India has become. We can’t talk about the modern education system in India. It still teaches us rote learning (it teaches us to) blindly memorize whatever we learn…. Continue Reading →

Top 20 Reasons why is education important | benefits of education

Top 20 Reasons why is education important Quoted by Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the whole world” Quoted by Malcolm X “Education is passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to… Continue Reading →

51+ Incredible Quotes on education in hindi

बंग हरि में आपका स्वागत है! थीसिस इन थिसिस आर्टिकल हम आपको हिंदी में दुनिया के सर्वश्रेष्ठ लेखकों और दार्शनिकों में से कुछ को दिखाने के लिए हैं. Lets know quotes on education in hindi अगर आपको लगता है कि… Continue Reading →

Why is physical education class important | 7+ Reasons

          We all know that health is more valuable than wealth and also how important it is. So, everyone needs to take care of it first. It is the platform for every success story. From birth, through young to every stage,… Continue Reading →

Strengths and Shortcomings of school education in India

Why we mostly mess about Our education system? What thing compel us to talk about it? Here we have discussed our education system, it’s strengths and Shortcomings of school education in India. Read below? Education in India The most discussing… Continue Reading →

Top 6 Indian Educational Philosophers and their Contributions

Warm welcome! If you want to know Top 6 Indian Educational Philosophers and their Contributions towards india, then you are at right point. Let’s get start! 01:- Dr. S. Rashakrishnan Details and Grade Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, one among the Indain… Continue Reading →

Essay on Indian Education system vs Foriegn education system

Welcome! Lots of question arise about the indian Education system like why Indian education is static downwards than the foriegn countries? What is the reason behind all? How to resolve up? Therefore, these queries compelling us to have an article… Continue Reading →

Functions of education in society

Hey you are warmly greeted. Today in this articles we are going to discuss Functions of education in society. Education at social can do the following discussing points. So, Let’s get started! 5 Important functions of Education in society Education… Continue Reading →

Best speech on education system in india | Latest 2020

Hey you! Lets have a brief and bright five minute speech on education system of india. Now just swipe up to know keenly our education system. One of the most discussed topics in overall India is the Indian Education system…. Continue Reading →

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