Top 9 Negative points of education system in India

Why is India lagging behind still in this modern world? What has been an obstacle for its growth? Why is India still considered a Developing nation? These are the very discussing questions.
Whenever I read anything about Indian education system, these queries strike me. Nation’s strength depends upon its education system. So if education is strong, the nation will be strong and if not then it will be clearly under developing. Some solvable negative points of the education system in India has been discussed here!

Examinational pressure

In our India, examinations get more preference than any other aspect in education. It can make one’s grades better, but can’t enable him for skills, conceptual learning, critical thinking, etc. A higher graded student may not be a successful student in the future. Examinations only check the memorization power not intelligence of a student. So, it can make them literate but may not be educated.
However, India walks through various state and national level entrances like NEET, JEE, AIIMS, IIT, IIM etc. But still we found a less percentage of highly educated persons. So, our numerous examinations make our country literate, but it may not escalates the education rate. Students should let what they want to do and their goals.

Inefficient facilities

Teaching jobs are the best, venerate and well paying rick free jobs. But for India, it is unfortunate to mention that numerous terrible, inefficient and old-fogey teachers are wasting the precious time of the young and passionate students. Teachers are the most important role-playing persons in the education sector and hence they should have the best training for it. After all, they directly shape the future of the nation.
Thus, they should have teaching training in Such a way that they can act not only as teachers but a pity parent also. Their training should give them the ability to create a congenial and home like atmosphere in a classroom, so that students would understand in a better way. Also, teacher-student interaction should be connected with love and empathy which then be reflected in the better behaviors of students.

Outdated memorisation

Both the terms Outdated and Memorization lie in the Indian education system.
As I have personally seen, Nowadays, students don’t try to grasp and understand conceptual learning, Instead, they try to memorize till examinations are finished. Or in another way they keep their learned knowledge until they get a low-level job. In a nutshell, they don’t try to learn conceptual, critical, and long-term learning. As a result, it has pushed students for not being on most valuable posts like Philosophers, Psychologists, scientists, etc.
India still has that outdated syllabus of long-ages in their education that is less practical and observable but more memorizable. Yes, western education is updated, that is why they are developed nations.
Teachers should build students for Research, Creativity, and Innovation. Memorize the academics only is not a learning. The mentioned terms deserve the highest academic accolades. But still it has rare rewards here.

Less Focus on Physical Education

Physical education wraps all the exercises, and sports in its subject. So, it is important teachaeble subject. It is more beneficial than we think. For instance, physical exercises help in removal of stress, anxiety and psychological stress. One can make a well-disciplined and well-being of health. It can help in confidential development, well social interaction, motor skills development and in leadership skills development.
Physical education and sports, have a rather significant impact on a child’s performance in schools and education.
But the present generation of school children in India regardless of age, gender or both seem heading towards an unhealthy future.
The health and fitness levels are dripping according to study by Edusports, a bangalore based organization which works to implement programmes on physical education and sports in schools.
So, it is important that India needs a lot of concentrations towards physical education in schools.

People also ask for:

No skills and morality

Unfortunately, there is a very rare focus on skills in Indian education system. Students still focus on grabbing and cramming information, and the best among them are rewarded. This false system can make literates but cannot enable students for self-employment and Business corporations.
Skills like Leadership, Digital Literacy, Communication, Global Citizenship, Problem Solving, Team Working, etc should be included in the education system properly.
Education is not all about money and popularity, but it is about Humanism also. Students should be taught that their lives are much away from money, and also their success I’d not measured by the amount of money earned. Teacher should teach in-depth about morals of life and infused with humanistic values. So that they can rationalize their country and country’s economy also.

Expensive education

Numerous schools charge exorbitant fees, which becomes a burden for parents. India also has many private institutions providing quality education but their high fee charges exclude the Unsound financial students. And nowadays these institutions are turning to business hubs even though they have quality education. For a simple student it is hard to get education from qualitative teachers there.
So, if we want Indian students to be built on real knowledge driven by highly educated persons, then the education reservation system should be reformulated and implemented again in a proper way. Also, the government should care now about the proper and complete implementation of any educational scheme.

negative points of education in india
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Less Encouragement

Encouragement is the best way to instill interest, attraction and interaction into the student. But in Indian primary and secondary schools, there are large students rolled classes means that less focus is a given to each student. This can be more taunting to a student’s educational journey during as well as after schooling.
So, the students must be encouraged to learn concepts, which will avoid him from mugging up the information and what they are being taught only. This will help them to get the concepts in a better way and will apply in the right way.

Technically Unsound

The western countries are putting more and more focus on the use of technology in education. The day is not far away, when the human teachers will be replaced by robotic teachers. Smartphones, tablets, and software tools will replace books, pens, brushes etc. Instead of schools classrooms there will be the special rooms in every home with robotic teachers and study equipment.
But unfortunately, our India is still behind the bars!

Final words

Concluding with: Education can be backed up from Negative points of education system in india to its standard shape. India is a progressing country, so if the above a mentioned negative points of the education system in India are resolved then it can achieve its inclusive growth in education. If you liked this article, then feel free to share and comment. You can read our recent articles below. Thank you.


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