Online education or Online Learning and Teaching is a mode of learning through which those teachers and students get connections, who are physically apart. To learn or to gain knowledge we do have various Types of Online Education. Here in this article, we will discuss the different types of Online Education, through which student gets education using the online mode. We may use Online Learning instead of Online Education, there is not such a huge difference.

Major Types of Online Education

Educational scientists have classified Online Education into various categories. Read below to know!

  • Computer Managed Learning
  • Synchronous Online Learning
  • Computer-Assisted Instruction
  • Asynchronous Online Learning
  • Linear E-Learning
  • Fixed E-Learning
  • Adaptive E-Learning
  • Individual Online Learning
  • Collaborative Online Learning
  • Interactive Online Learning

Computer Managed Learning

Computer managed learning is a technical system, type of Online Learning, where computers are used to keep records of all the tasks shared between a teacher and a student. Mainly it has its use in tutorial work. It collects and shares all the information of every student, their response sheets, and also updating the same information. It finds all the options of learning for the student, and monitor all the activities of the student while learning, and decides what to do next, etc.

              In a nutshell, it is unable to provide any direct instruction to the student, rather it is helpful in deciding the grade of students, the weaknesses, and strengths in the learning process.

Computer Assisted Instruction

The second among Types of Online Education is Computer-assisted instruction is an educational online technique, where computers are used to provide all the study materials to the student and it monitors all the learning processes.

However, it provides different materials like videos, infographics, text, sounds, and graphs to improve the learning process and to build solid knowledge in the learners. It not only helps in learning but also in all the curriculum areas.

Materials provided by CIA

  • The Multimedia contents
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Problematic questions
  • All Notes for wrong responses
  • The Feedback practice
  • Performance from students
  • Many Exercises to be practised
  • Regularly Testing and worksheet

It has further its various types like Problem-solving practices, Discoveries, Games, Tutorials, Drill, and Practice, etc.

Synchronous Online Learning

When students get to live together on any online platform to study the different things as in a group or in a team. Such a mode of learning is known as Synchronous online learning. Different online platforms like, different apps, live streaming websites, social media sites, etc have usage in this learning mode. Before this method, students were using an asynchronous online learning method to learn education online.

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As a result, nowadays, numerous students all over the world have grown an online learning community of learners by this method, as we have tools available to perform this one.

This method allowed both students and teachers to learn and teach respectively at the same time in different places. For instance, Live chatting, video conferencing, online webinars, live sessions are the different ways of Synchronous online learning.

Types of Online Education | Online learning and teaching

Asynchronous Online Learning

It is the reverse method of the above-discussed one. Here no live grouping or streaming takes place, rather study materials are pre-recorded. Study materials like videos, audios, graphs, etc are recorded first and then they are provided to students to learn. It is not much advanced as that of synchronous online learning.

Here, students might fall in doughts, non-clearance of concepts, and other issues, etc. As of today, this method is not usable, but still, there are some places where these are necessary even now, especially the places where there are low internet connections.

Linear E-Learning

In this mode of online education, student and teacher get connections as receiver and sender respectively. The teacher sends all the required information to the student as a sender. However, It is among all the limiting mode, as there is no allowance two-way communication between them. This way has only its existence in the case of education.

Teachers used radio and television programs to send the required learning materials to their students, which is a classic way of Online learning and teaching.

Fixed E-Learning

The name suggests itself, what is it about to. Here fixed means the information shared between students and a teacher is fixed. So simply this means that the content shared between the learning process is fixed to all students, not a single student will get more or less information. And this learning process remains at its original state.

The teacher himself determines the material to learn and not the student can determine.

This type of learning was popular in the classroom standard learning, but it is unfavorable to modern Online Learning and Teaching.

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Adaptive E-Learning

Adaptive e-learning tries Education to be more and more individualized. It is the new discovery among the Types of Online Education. This method has redesigned and adapted to prepare unique learning materials for each individual student, based on the performance, abilities, goals, skills, characteristics of the individual learner. It is so, because, the talented one should not be treated as the ordinary and ordinary learner should not be treated as the talented one.

Individual Online Learning

Individual online learning has been a norm or we can a trend from the very beginning till now. It is the mode of learning, where a student sits and study all the learning material individually. And they have the responsibility for their goals.

Types of online education and online classes

This learning is not such an ideal, because it does not focus on Group learning, skills, teamwork, etc. So it needs the modern type modifications to introduce skill gaining process and abilities.

Collaborative Online Learning

Collaborative e-learning is a process of learning together as a group and to practice teamwork, in order to gain the most common objective between them.

To do this all, teachers make separate learning groups and keep one of its members as its head. Each student takes into consideration the learning weaknesses and strengths of each other.

This is the most effective way of Online Learning and Teaching and discovering new things. This also boosts the skills and teamwork abilities of each student. It is the best practice of learning when the students interact between and learn from one another.

Interactive Online Learning

Interactive Online Learning allows the sender to be as a receiver and receiver to be as a sender, simply means that there is the two-way communication between the student and the teacher. It is more preferable than Linear online learning. Here both can discuss things clearly and there remains no possibility of doughts, and they can communicate freely.

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